Collection: Clifford Stead

I'm a mixed media cityscape artist based in Leeds. Through my work I like to educate the viewer. Is that building in the right place? Does it still exist? Is it just a dream on an architect's drawing board?
Mixing cities together is great fun, putting together the unexpected. Leeds/Prague! Leeds/Louisville! Leeds/London!
I've exhibited across the globe with artworks in international private collections. Since 2019 I have been creating large cityscape murals on vinyl including the new Leeds Hampton by Hilton Hotel and wrapping the former Debenhams store at the White Rose Centre.
In 2021, I co-created Sketchclubleeds, a successful series of monthly artistic happenings.
My latest work will feature Leeds in the Concretopia period of the 1970s.

Clifford Stead surrounded by skyscrapers

Instagram @biroguyleeds